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Friday, May 30, 2008

todae gt band prac..as usual i went to sch
with nad n riqa..after diaphragm training
gt rhythm studies..sum of the kent ride band
members visited us..then mr wong asked
one sec 1 frm each section to say wads
the rule of sumthin..lolx..he say seniors
dun tell them bt i doubt anyone of us noes
the ans..lolx!then we gt sectionals until lunch
brenda the kent ridge trumpetor joined us..
she's the cm..tat's so cool!!
at luch the sec ones wanted to go to 7-11
so we let them be lor..the rest of us ate at mama shop..
we talked abt our results..goin to poly or jc etc.
terence n val gt the same l1r4 n l1r5 as me..
lolx..cool or wad.we hi-5 to each other..
hahax..after lunch gt sectionals again then
combine..after band gt heads n leaders meetin
we asked terence to cum over coz we wanted
to ask him abt the cm thing lah..
then after a while nigel came n sat beside me
they were waitin for desmond while me,nad n riqa
were waitin 4 dee..so we talked for a while
until lyk abt 7 plus lyk tat..very long sia the meetin..
all her fault lar..=p
then we cannot w8 4 dee anymore so we went off
first to the bubble tea shop..
went home late at nite as usual..hahx..

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