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Friday, May 02, 2008

after we went out of sch..we had an
'adventure' hehe
especially for amirah tat is...it's
soo fated sia!!!!!!cant believe it myself man..
at first amirah suggested tat i take
bus 228 with them n go one round
from the damai bus stop..
then the back door of the bus
cannot close!!lyk wad seh!!very sian...
so unlucky sia.....out of all bus stops
the door have to jam at the damai bus stop..
we w8 n w8 until lyk wad..then finally
the bus driver gave us free tickets
for the next bus rides..haiz..
when we go dwn the bus i tot of going
to the ntuc bus stop bt amirah suggested
tat we juz take the bus frm here
coz we scared suddenly the bus cum or
sumthin..then soon after 228 came..lolx!!
then on the way..nurul suddenly wan to go
mac..at first amirah dun wan..coz
she gt no money..THEN SUDDENLY I SAW
AMIRAH'S CRUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it was lyk so fated!!we didn't expect tat he
would be there sia..i shouted his name
then amirah was lyk damn shocked!!
so me n nurul quickly went dwn
the bus forcing amirah to follow us..
lolx!!when we go down the bus amirah
was damn nervous..hahax..
everything tat happen was so fated!!
im so happy for amirah!!!!!
she's so lucky..hahax..then when we
go to mac..we bought ice cream..then we
walked to nurul's bus stop..at outside
the kfc we saw
sum1 which we seriously dun wan
to mit..lolx!name not to be mentioned!!
then inside the kfc we saw nurul's bro..
lolx..then after tat we at nurul's bus stop
we saw mr shah!!lolx!!!the situation is
kinda funny..saw many ppl today after

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