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Friday, May 23, 2008

todae is the last day of sch!!woohoo!!
well actually nt exactly coz tmr still gt
the upper sec nid to go to the hall for
assembly..nurul n naqi sat in the hall first
coz i went to the toilet with dee n hidayah..
so i ended up sitting behind kat n in frnt
of shawn woo..lolx..then keith was beside me..
lolx..after assembly the lower sec went to
the gallery n we stood up n sang the sch song..
by then..amirah went in frnt n sat behind
me..after tat it's time to give prizes
for some of the activities we did this wk..
then our class gt receive a lot of prizes sia..
awesome!!!first grp 4 of kim..peiyan..nick
n sean lim won the science challenge thingy
frm 3e4..then after tat for the sudoku challenge
my grp won second then the boys grp won first..
obviously!!coz they managed to complete the
puzzle mah..lolx..it was so nerve wrecking to
go up on stage sia..luckily i wasn't alone..
hehehehe..hui yim's grp n rafidah's grp oso gt
receive prize for the amazing race..hahax..
this is so cool!!i'm so proud of mie class..3E4 ROX!!
yeah!!the prize we gt was notebks..kinda nice
actually..nt those cheapskate ones..lolx...
then after tat gt the sudoku challenge hosted
by the djs..boring!!!!!!!!!i sat beside riqa n
after trying to attempt it for a few mins
then we give up oredi lor..=p
pointless to try it one..hahax..
then when we returned to class we checked our
results..failed two subjects..maths n sci..=p

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