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Monday, June 16, 2008

todae i went out with nad n riqa..
to do our hmwk..i went to mit them at
tampines mac at abt 1 pm..
we did our maths bt didn't even finish
one-quarter of it..lolx..forgot almost
everything..then we went to tamp library
coz nad n riqa nid to search books
for their art thingy..lolx..very mafan..hahax..
luckily i nvr take art..lol!!
after a while we gave up searchin then we
went to ikea for a while..riqa recommended
us the hotdogs dere..lolx!!
waited for the shutter bus for ages!!
finally the bus came then i gave riqa the
last seat then she helped me to hole mie bag..
bt suddenly i felt giddy n mie
body felt weak..felt lyk fainting sia..
i tried to be strong bt then mie
vision blurred n i cannot hear properly..
kinda scary actually..to experience tat.
then finally i cannt take it anymore so i
asked riqa if i can sit dwn..haiz..after we went
down i ate panadol n felt beta..
the hotdog there was damn nice can!!hahax
riqa ate two as a matter of fact..lolx..
after tat we headed for bedok
library to search for their bks again..
we stayed dere for a long tym..we sat
at the couch dere n read sum bks..
i read bks abt hamsters..lolx..coz im
gonna have one soon!!yeah..hehe
then at abt 7 plus lyk tat we went to
sheng siong coz riqa wanted to buy plain
water..then we went home..

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