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Monday, July 07, 2008

yesterday we went to ACJC concert at sch..
i went with nad..riqa..amalina..syad..n
aisyah..we went separately frm the band
n we reached there b4 them..at abt 4.45pm lyk
tat..lolx..the concert was nice n i so
didn't regret goin to the concert coz
they played very nicely n it was kinda fun oso..
the conductor very funny sia..better
than mr wong..=p
every song gt a solo..mostly frm clarinets
n oboe..obviously its nice..then gt this soprano
solo where he played in frnt of the band..
very nice sia..those jazzy solos..hahax..
first time i hear a soprano sia..cool or wad...
yeah..then after the 25 min interval
the conductor forgot his scores!!!!!!!teow..=.="
then when he opened the dooe its locked..
lolx..embarrassing n funny at the same time..hehe
then gt this clarinet guy hu started a song
with a solo n then when he stand in frnt of
the band..we lyk kind of cheered him on
then the conductor say.."sshh..dun
make him nervous.." lolx..funny sia..
bt the best song was the encore!!
very nice lehh..gt trombone..trumpet..saxophone
n horn soli..then we clapped to the song..
then gt sum ppl at the back stand up n dance
hahax..quite fun arh the concert..at the end..gt this
saxophone girl hu gave flowers to the
conductor then they hug..after tat he
pointed to the clarinet guy hu played the solo..
which means tat both of them are a couple..
lolx!cool or wad..hahax..after the concert we
went to eat at long john silver n went home
at 9 plus lyk tat..hehe..

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