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Friday, June 06, 2008

today gt band exchange!!!!!!!!!!with kent ridge
hahax..ok lar..had to go to sch at 7 am!!
so damn early..haiz..when assembling
terence was late..so i called him..afraid tat
he will nt make it..then he say he oni otw
to the bus stop..lolx..then will reach at abt
7.30 lyk tat..i asked roxane wad time will
the bus be leaving..then she say at abt 7.30
then i was lyk damn shock larh..so i called terence
again n asked him to take a cab..
luckily he reached on time..hahax
then at kent ridge the brasses reached their parade sq
first..then the kr said "HELLO DAMAI!!"
then we say "HELLO KENT RIDGE!!" for lyk
i dunnoi hw many times..=.= then when the
woodwinds came we stop liao..then played games..
ok lar..gt mixed with the kr ppl..since i same
grp with val i went with her lor..
after the games gt warm up..then lunch..
ate mac chicken..hahax..after lunch gt
sectionals..terence took the main band while
dominic..the kr sl took the sec ones..
i screwed up when playin the blue ridge
solo..hahax..then later i took the sec ones
oni damai ones..hahax..then terence took
the kr sec ones..after tat gt brasses combine then
went to the hall for the performance..
the kr performed first..they played beach boys
n sock hop..nt bad lar..the sock hop solo
oso nt bad..beta than me lor..^-^"
then when its our turn to perform..
me n terence felt nervous n stress..
coz we gotta play a solo..lolx..bt in the end..
both of our solos turned out great!!
mr wong even praised my solo..heheh..
grace n omairah told me..
at the bus otw to sch..sat with amalina..
then in front of me was terence..brendan..
n desmond..they very funny sia..
we all keep looking at cars n all..hahax..
then at sch gt scolded for wrong attire..blah3..
then dismissed liao..

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