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Thursday, July 31, 2008

as usual..pe was fun todae..hahas
our class played softball..dis is the last wk
we're gonna play tis sport though
we grouped ourselves into 4 grps..
my team was nurul arina john jeff yiting
rabia n yuyu..we played against idris team..
lol!very fun seh..at first we were fielding
bt then we changed to batting..gt a lot of
chances to try..hehe..at first kept missing bt
got a bit ok after tat..bt gotta give credit to
idris's team..they're quite good man!!
we didn't manage to get a lot of home run..
always out n out n out..lol
gt chem study hour after sch..
one comment..boring!!!!!!felt lyk sleeping
all the way sia..feels lyk forever u noe!
looking at the clock ticking..haiz..
after tat went to the bs..supposed to go home
early bt nid to w8 for amirah to settle her
welfare things..end up until 4 plus..=.="
still managed to polish mie trumpet a bit..
n help herda pack her file..haiz..
seeing her pack the file arh..realli
irritates me ya noe..haiz..nvm..at least
i was dere to teach her..=p
after tat went to send amirah at the opp bus stop
until sshe took her bus to go buy
the shoes n then went home..

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