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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

first things first..todae dun hav study hour!!!!!!!!
then geog gt free period coz miss jumijumi..
hahax..tat's wad we call her..she nvr cum..
during maths lesson..amirah nvr cum todae so i went
to sit with arina..bt my maths textbk n notebook
is under my table over there..
cannot stand up n take coz later miss
sharifah will noe tat im not sitting at
my place..soi asked idris to pass me the books
bt then he go n use it for himself instead..
stupid sia..then im the one hu gt kena by miss
the last two periods was at physics lab..
went to do some experiment abt checking temperature..
then after sch gt band..blah..blah..blah..

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