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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the first two peiods have been exchanged
to assembly..thenthe last two periods will be mother
tongue for our class..
the assembly ok lar..sumtimes funny..sumtimes
not..n then they gt sing when u will
come back again..teow..=.="
then during f&n the three period lesson
we had theory instead of practical..stupid sia..tat
is our last practical then teacher postponed
bcoz of the stupid decision-making larh..
n then after tat gt chemistry test..
it was terrible!!!!!!!i nvr study anything
then during the test i was damn blur n
dunno wad its toking abt..the test is abt
acids,alkalis n salts..walao..i tink i will
fail with a one-digit number sia..haiz..
this wk gt a lot of test!!must study study study!!!

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