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Monday, July 28, 2008

got mie geog test todae!!!
did quite well man..18.5/25
if calculate in percentage would be 74%!!
one more mark to A1 u noe!!!argh...
so freaking pissed lar can..nid to get distinction
for geog since mie ss sux..bleah..=p
aniwaes..during maths lesson damn funny..
miss sharifah nvr cum so oni mrs wong
took us..the class lyk nvr listen to her one lorh..
lols..then idris n karthik go n take
the stick thingy frm the class deco n go poke2
at mie ear..stupid sia!itchy u noe!
then sum more cannot concentrate in
the lesson keep getting distracted..wad sia..
then after sch went to sectionals..
at first me n nad went to the music rm to
play the piano..then heard vanessa play..very nice!!
then went back to the bs to play postcard..
n sum other songs larh..
at 5.30pm lips damn pain so packed up n drew
things on the whiteboard with valerie..
then we use the markers to draw stuffs on ppl's
hands..we put r**** on keith's hand duh..
then stupid keith go n put his name
on mie arm..argh!!dun lyk him anymore larh!!!!
after tat we all went home together..

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