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Friday, July 25, 2008

picture taken by me!!!!!!!=D

lol!still had time to take picture at chem lab!




contributed these two dolls for the racial harmony class deco..nice huh...

todae is the last day of racial harmony wk..gt some
prizes to give in the morning..our class won first
prize for racial harmony class decorations..our
class lyk got win a lot of things hor this yr..cool or wad..
lessons as per normal..for chemistry we went to the
lab..since we using goggles to test the bunsen burner
thingy..we decided to take a picture of ourselves with it..lolx!
last period was maths then after school those malays
who wore ethnic costumes wanted to take a picture(excluding me)
amirah n arina asked to take the pic with their hp...
then hafsah asked chia chern to take it with her "big" camera..
lolx..so we took the picture together..
the one on amirah's phone was kinda candid coz i took
the picture b4 chia chern finish saying 1..2..3..hahas..
silly me..
after sch gt band..until 8 pm sia!!T.T
were separated frm the sec ones the whole dayy..
had sectionals at the bomb shelter..fun sia!!!
lyk we can concentrate more on our sound..
during combine band we keep saying tat the time
was two hours b4 so its lyk the normal band prac..
this is called positive thinking..hehe..
at 5 plus..we ate dinner??dunno larh..
we ate mc chicken burger which we paid
for $2..then i accidentally touched bird shit!!!
quickly went to the toilet with riqa..washed with
soap umpteen times!!!still felt yucky after tat..bleah!!then at nite..
heard sumthing..all the trumpetors n horn players
heard it..actually i didn't hear it until terence
asked me to listen properly..
then when we played made in singapore..
he went breathless so he rested for a while..
kind of scary for me coz tats the first time it happened..
during packing up everyone talked abt what we all heard and
so on n were worried abt nxt wks practice..
after band..we all went out of sch together
then me n nadiyah saw yingsa alone at the opp site
so we called out to her..she was scary sia..walking
alone lyk tat..hahas..then me n nad sent dee n riqa
to the opp bus stop..hao han followed the people
going to the reservoir at first bt then halfway he saw his bus
then decided to run back..lolx..still managed to catch it..
lucky him..after tat we saw desmond n jesmond
going back so we waited for them then crossed the
road together then went home..

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