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Thursday, July 17, 2008

todae gt audition for the upcoming performance..
not feeling nervous at all n i oso dunno y..
hehe..we went to the canteen to do the audition..
while waiting for my turn i took Herda for
a while..ok lar..she can play friendship a bit..
n summore she play first..can reach
all the high notes..quite a capable sec one..
then i went up to the bandstore for a while
to c all the passport photos..then me n amirah did
a trumpet section family tree..lolx..
wei chyi was there also..
n then i went down n sat beside val during her
audition.after tat was mie turn..O.o
hahax..first was stand up then dunno y
bt i keep playing wrong notes sia..
nvr play c sharp lar c natural lar..stupid sia..
mie mistakes were wrong notes??haiz..sian..
then the other songs were ok i guess..after
the audition i waited for riqa to finish
with her section then we packed up..
after tat me n riqa went to buy stuff at 7-11
n hanged out at the void deck..talked abt stuffs..hehe..
then went home at 6 plus..

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