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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

todae is our first study hour..sian!!!!!
poa summore..then tat stupid mr tan cc
nvr even teach us one lorh...he just
gave us worksheet to be done as so
called a test..stupid sia..he teach us lyk wad
nvr even teach properly then expect us to
noe everything..=p!! bleahs!!
after study hour went to bandstore coz
gt band..duh..=.=
we wait for everybody to arrive at
the bandstore then we went into
the music rm together..but me..terence..val..
cc..kelmond n desmond went in by the
back door..bt mr wong lyk wad sia..
he asked everyone to to play their
chromatic scale one by one then make
us wait..nvr even ask us to sit
first or sumthin..haiz..then the whole day
we nvr even play songs..juz warm up or
sumthin lyk tat..
after tat went to bubble tea shop then went home..

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