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Thursday, July 24, 2008

wah..todae pe lesseon damn fun sia..
after the cross country tat is..stupid..
we r supposed to play softball..bt then
mr cho changed it to cross country n
we had to run one round ard the school
bt a bit more coz we started at the parade sq.
after the run..most of the boys wanted
to play soccer..bt john,shawn woo,sean lim
n nicholas joined the girls for captains ball..
i was in john n shawn woo's team..
together with pan,nurul,arina,naqi,amirah n
amalina..at first our grp was winning all the
time bt then nicholas started to guard me
as i was the captain..then it was harder for me
to get the ball..so mr cho came n stood beside me
on the bench n then he holded the softball
bat at nicholas' head so tat he would be
distracted when guarding me..lol!!
he was damn funny sia..
then gt this one part when mr cho helped me
catch the ball n passed it to me..hahax..
we all argued n argued..bt it was not counted..haha
best pe lesson ever..
todae oso gt ss test..ok lar..structured essay
was ok bt didn't had time to do source based!!!!!!
one period oni sia...lyk wad the ****!
oni get to write half page..
then after tat gt poa..we supposed to hav
the bank recon test todae bt mr tan cc
postponed it to next wk..

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