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Friday, August 01, 2008

first period was physics..gt mie test back..
15/25..heheh..gt the same marks as izzat..
after tat was two periods of f&n..
mdm soraya asked us to do the
decision-making for our coursework..bt me..
amirah..izzat n idris went to play scrabble.
heheh..we gt the game frm when we won first
prize for the class deco thingy..lol
very funny..izzat n idris go n put the word
tit..gt such english word meh??hahas..XD
when we nearly finished our game..
mdm soraya found out we were playing then
confiscated it..=p
after recess was eng..argh!!stupid miss carol..
i forgot to ask my test paper frm her then
she dun wan give me when she asked for
the marks..walao..lyk tat i will get zero sia..
stupid miss carol!!sux man..=p!!!!
went to the the chem lab todae..mdm yani
showed us wad experiments we were supposed
to do..then gt this one time she put some
grey stuff into the test tube with another
solution..then it lyk quickly rise up
lyk a "volcano"? hahas..
then we all say eeee........then mdm yani
say we all cute..lol last period was maths
dunno y bt suddenly john was in a bad mood
when miss wong asked to write dwn
this one equation on the board he voluntered bt
teacher wanted hafsah to do it..which made him
feel worse!haiz..so me n idris n sum other
ppl asked him to relax..hahas..dunno y he's in
such a bad mood todae..

gt band prac until 8 pm..one day before the
performance..went combine band all the way..no
time for sectionals..at 5 plus set up at the parade
sq to test the sound..then went to eat mc chicken
at the canteen..then suddenly mr wong asked
jieqi they all to join the performance!=.="!!!!!!
they no nid to practice meh??so perfect arh??
bullshit sia...we all practice until lyk wad then
suddenly they come in n play last min..
unfair sia..
haiz..tat's all im posting abt todae..

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