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Friday, August 15, 2008

got back another two of mie test todae..
chem and e maths..got 7.5/25 for chem..
improve by half mark from the first test..-.-"
then i got 13/25 for maths..PHEW...
pass by half mark mann..yeah!

after sch gt band..sectional on english folk song
suite-2nd movement n smokey joe's cafe..
sec ones..a day at disneyland and variants..
after tat brasses combine at bs.
suddenly mr wong asked terence n valerie
to take out the cornets and play..
haiz..now then tell us..aiyo..
then after tat gt combine..blah..blah..blah..

band dismissed gt section meeting..
lazy to post abt it larh..okok
long story cut short.asked our juniors
how they feel abt the band n the section
then we the seniors also gt share abt it..
trying to bond the section u c..
then went to bbt shop with omairah
amirah liza wanxin n herda..
realli had fun..lol!then herda keep picking
on me..=p it shud be the other way ard u noe!!
then when the 3 juniors went home..
chihin n erwin joined us..chihin let us listen
to some band songs..very nice lehh..
n oso very the very the hard..hahas
harder than wiltern??can say lehh..hahas
then they all keep saying trumpet extra
bcoz always gt some kind of soli in the song..
then erwin keep saying.."eeee"
very irritating u noe!!haish...at 8.30pm lyk
tat went our separate ways n went home!

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