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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

got my summary test back todae..
the whole class did ok..hahas..1 gt 16/25..=)
first time i passed my summary!yay me!hahas..
well im sad to say this bt its thanks to miss carol..lol!

so aniwaes..gt band todae..came late coz gt geog
remedial..quite a boring day..played warm up
until 4 plus lyk tat then went to sectionals..
combined again n played songs..
after band gt the teacher's day thingy..haiz..
no offence bt every yr we do the same thing..
kind of boring bt at least there's cake..lol!
very nice man...=p after eating the cake..
me amirah nad n fareha went to bbt shop for
a while to buy peach red tea then went straight
to the bus stop to w8 for dee's bus to come..
then kaibin told/taught me sumthin..haha!oni me..
him..amirah n nadiyah noe..it's a damn ultimate secret
larh..hahas..i'll be in big trouble if anyone noes abt tis..
so then after dee has taken her bus, the rest of us
went to the void deck near the bus stop dere n talk..talk..talk..
then guess wad..we saw hassan!lol!
i just came to know tat he lived ard there..hahas..
cool or wad..so when he came back frm 7-11 he joined us
n since he bought two ice creams..fareha took one
n shared with us..lol!he was damn funny sia..laughed my head off..XD
hmm..came to noe abt a lot of things
in our conversations..then it was getting late so amirah
went home first..then the rest of us finally decided
to go home when it was lyk...hmm..let me tink..
10 plus!!lyk whoa!quickly rushed home bt
luckily my mom nvr scold me..phew..
so tat's all for todae..tata!

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