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Saturday, August 02, 2008

got ndp performance!!
but it's at school though..hahas..
went to the bubble tea shop with nad
n riqa at 12.25 lyk tat..bought hairband
n nadiyah bought a mini fan..lol!
saw zoey edna n peiyi..then went to sch
coz cumin to 12.45 oredi..
set up the music rm n practiced..blah..blah..
at 4 o'clock set up the band at the parade sq..
prepared everything..banners..stands wateva..
then ate "dinner" 4.50 lyk tat..lol..
very funny..while eating our section talked
abt stuff.."sensored"..XD

forwarded to performance time..
waited for the vip to come..saw the sec ones at the
d&t block second floor looking at us..
lol..very cute!hahas
then mr wong sat behind us..talk..talk..talk..
after tat he got bored so we played
some songs..then got giddy..n lips damn pain
so rested for a few songs..
played the fanfare n majulah when the vip came..
not bad arh..the band play..=)
packed up..put everything in the d&t
room as quietly as possible..
then assembled at the atrium..

blah..blah..blah..then when band dismissed
we were supposed to walk in
two straight rows..=.="
after tat went to the ntuc n then guardian to find
stuff..hahas..saw the sec ones..so i said hi..
then when on the way home..
nadiyah said.."who wants riqa??10 cents
per hour.."lol something lyk tat i guess..hahas
funny to the max..we were lyk disturbing
her all the way..
then when we separated we asked
her to pray hard coz she walking through
the park n the bridge..scary.. =S
went straight home after tat..
so tat's all im posting for todae..TTFN!

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