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Monday, August 04, 2008

got oral presentation of our english blogs
during eng lesson..our grp was the third
to present..consist of me..nurul..roxane..
huiyim n katherine..ok larh..
went through it as fast as possible..
next was poa..damn boring i tell u!!!!!
i dunno wad the hell mr tan cc was
talking abt!!!keep babbling on n on n on....
went so fast i cant even catch up..aiyo!!
no use paying attention larh.....ask other
students taking poa to teach me oso
gt more benefit..=p
anw i discovered sumthin todae..
if u feel lyk sleeping in class n is trying ur
best to still pay attention to ur teacher..
take out a tissue n pour some water on it n
rub it on your eyes...suddenly u will
feel fresh u noe!!!100% guaranteed
plus chop u will be awake!hahas..
last period was maths..didn't pay attention coz
as usual..idris keep being funny until
i get so distracted..XD amirah oso..

after sch went to buy bbt n 7-11 n
hanged out at the void deck near the bus stop there..
with nurul amirah n nadiyah..
we talked abt a lot of stuffs..abt this particular
person tat i hate of course.. **b**
can guess who???lol
haiz..i just feel tat she's pathetic..
after tat incident..trying to be nice
to everyone n me oso..lyk i will be taken in..
aiyo..stop trying larh..wads the point..just wasting
ur effort u noe! -.-
then saw desmond nigel terence n keith..
waved at them then continued our
conversation..also talked abt
how sum ppl dun desrve their post coz
they nvr make effort in doin it..
u shud realize urself hu u r..
seriously cannot do anything abt it..haiz..

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