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Sunday, August 24, 2008

got section outing todae..we went to east coast..first met up at bedok inter at 11pm..
then took 169 and bus-ed to the marina parade the bus stop..
aiyo..the boys keep playing their psp..haishh..then val n weichyi
said tat psp is an anti-social game..which is so true!hahas
first we went to eat at mac..the boys n girls sat at diff tables
bt we were still close.hahas..then wei chyi n val influenced
qianhui n leanna to eat sugary stuff so tat they'll be hyper..lol!
after tat we went to play bowling..terence eoin n keith were at lane 18
while me val weichyi leanna n qianhui were at lane 17..
beside them..(duhh..-.-")we realli had fun n we took a
lot of pics at val's camera..sori i cant upload the pics todae..
try to get frm val asap..hahas..
the girls oni played one game bt the guys played a lot..
including when nicholas finally came..hahas..
so me n the other girls went to the arcade first..
when terence they all came up..we played time crisis2 and jurassi park..
then lastly..we,(excluding qianhui and leanna coz they dun wan play)
played this game where must press the button when the thing reach the line..
haish..dunno how to explain larh..hahas..then each of
us press one button..lol!!very funny..also kinda used our acs..hahas..
next..went to find clar sect. at their bbq pit then the fh sect.
bt couldn't find them anywhere.hanged out at mac since it's raining..
took a section photo n then went our separate ways..
it rained again!!so me n val took out our umbrellas
n qianhui n leanna decided to take taxi at the last min..
then oni left with me val terence n keith..we took 169 to go
to bedok inter..when we reached there..still sending stuff to
terence's hp so we decided to follow val to NTUC while otw..hahas
then val took 225 while me terence n keith bus-ed home
at 66..then keith gave me some tips on how to
prevent urself frm getting "injured" in the bus..lol!!
wow!!this is a damn long post mann..=S

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