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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

hello ppl!!=D

gt two free periods of mt..miss wong
our math teacher took us..-.-"
hahas..but she was ok larh..amirah n arina
still had the time to ask her abt maths stuff..
actually we were supposed to
do this compre larh..
but naqiyah went up to the board n
did puzzles..somethin lyk the wheel of fortune
tat kind..where we hav to guess the word..
kinda fun..hahas..we became crazy n wild
trying to figure out the word..lol..
went to the com lab for our 3 period f&n
to do our decision-making..
then gt mie chem test back..7/25..lol
as expected..many ppl in the class failed..
the chapter is lyk damn hard cn..=p
next we oso gt our ss test back..gt 10/20..
PHEW...damn relieved..first time i passed
mie ss test..seriously!applause plz..applause..-.-
gt combined assembly after tat..dot..dot..dot...

after our taf programme..something funny happened!
well to me its funny..hahas
firdaus..(tuba junior) gave nadiyah this
piece of cupcake n he said tat it was frm sufi..
actually i suspected tat sumthin was wrong oredi
but i juz kept quiet..nadiyah was hesitant
to eat it so she shared it with amirah..
but when then moment she swallowed
her piece of the cupcake..hidayah called out
to me and said tat the cupcake contained
sufi's saliva!!!!!eeeewww..........L.O.L!
i felt nadiyah n amirah's pain!!!hahas

at home..supposed to study for geog test tmr
bt just couldn't resist onlining until late at nite..
just finished watching nodame cantabile
at crunchyroll.com!lol!!it's a total recommended
show to watch!!not the anime one..
the reality series one..damn funny i tell u..

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