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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


shall post abt yesterday first..so excited
abt changing mie blogskin until i forget to post..-.-"
got mie f&n test back..26/30!!!yeah mann...^-^
gt chem retest..dunno if it's beta than
the previous test which many ppl failed
bt it makes no difference to me..lol!
gonna fail anw..haiz..
the assembly programme was ok larh..
quite funny at some parts..bt the actress who
wore glasses hor..realli disturbs me.. -.-

after sch nurul and amirah went to mie
hse to watch some vid on youtube..
funny ones..ghost ones..a lot..hahas..
especially the vid frm japan..damn funny i tell u!!!!!
we laugh until lyk wad sia....aiyo....
then video-ed ourselves coz we gt ntn to do..
7pm they went home..

gt eng test..aiya..wateva larh..
then physics we went to the com lab
in the 2nd period to do the online quiz thingy..
set by mr phoa..lol!bt oni sum ppl did it..
coz we nvr c the slides at home..hahas...
then mrs chan say cn do at home or
sumthin lyk tat..then amirah n naqi finished late
so we hav to w8..then me n nurul talked to
mrs chan while waitin..=)

studu hr was sexuality education!hahas..
ok larh..funny bcoz our class was making jokes
abt the things..then we watched one music vid
called "runaway love".two vids abt the
relationship bet. two couples..forgot their names..^-^"
all this was abt the consequences of having sex
and all..then went to the canteen for a while..
then proceed to band..set up then sectionals..take the sec 1s one to one..
...............................then combine..played
peterloo n postcard.pack up went to bbt shop then
home sweet home!!!

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