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Thursday, August 07, 2008

okae..first things first..
we had pe todae..mr cho said we had to do
light warm up..then he asked us to go
to the field..-.- so we kinda begged him
to let us juz run in the parade sq.
at first oni nid to run 2 rounds bt then some ppl
cut the line as in the four corners..
of the parade sq. then in the end nid to run
4 rounds..haiz..after tat all the girls including
john,jeff n shawn woo played badminton..
okok..fast forward to eng 2nd last period..
idris grp did their blog presentation..
very funny sio...idris go n talk abt his experiences
with the old folks then the way he explained
it was very funny..lol..
then...it was poa..gt mie test back..19/25..=p!
could have done better sia..expected to get
20 n above marks..bt nvm.at least i was close..

after sch no study hour coz mdm dini had to attend
some stuff..then the chinese oso dun have..dunno y..
the 3e5 n 3e6 all oso dun have..
except for the chinese ppl frm 3e6..they gt..
bt for a while oni..lyk very free hor todae..
then brought home the file to pack..since dunno
if terence wanna pack anot..lol
then at the canteen we asked izzat to sit with
us n we asked him abt a some things..heheh..

blah..blah..blah..hanged out at the void deck for
a while..with nadiyah..amirah..nurul..n naqi
videoed ourselves abt imitating sum1..hahas
then told ghost stories n shared our ghost
encounters..n when we started..it rained!!got damn
cold!!so covered ourselves with our uniform..
then when telling these storiesnadiyah became freaked out n
was shocked everytime sumbody passed by..lol!!
very funny..hahas..

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