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Thursday, September 04, 2008

another typical band holiday practice...
been busy this whole wk..have to go to sch
every single day..haiz2..
so then today..didn.t go to the bandstore
the 1st half of the day..coz gt exams..the
leaders gave us straws n we nid to buzz on it
or sumthin..at first i cant do then terence
taught me how to do it..so thanks..hehe..
then we went on to the av theatre..
wah..listen to a lot of songs until lyk wad..
made a very important decision todae..
must choose a song tat is suitable for syf
and the band..well nt realli A song..bt cn be
a couple of songs n i chose eaglebend n 1st suite!
wanted to choose ross roy bt nah..very tiring to play
the song!!realli!=p
so the pending songs r ross roy..eaglebend n 1st suite!

then it was lunch..went out of sch for a while
with nad,fareha n amirul then went back to the av theatre
had sectionals..took the sec ones..
they're improving each band prac..i'd say..
so anw..i tot eaglebend was ok bt after i tried it..
it was.....lyk damn hard cn!!!!T.T
this teaches me a lesson not to judge a song by its
cover..lol!so had combine..then mr wong recorded
us playing ross roy n eaglebend..heard
frm omairah tat we were too loud..n rough..n violent!
haiz2..no comments..

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