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Thursday, September 11, 2008

first period was pe..very fun as usual!hahs..
we played handball..quite ok larh the sport..
the concept is kinda lyk captain's ball..
bt then we oni used the basketball court since
mr ng's class nid to use the other court...-.-"
then we gt into grps of 5..2 boys 3 girls..
my grp was me,amirah,arina,john n jeff..
we call ourselves the triple AJ sq. hahas..
coz the girls names all start with A n the boys
names start with J..awesome..^-^
we were the first grp to play against the other team.
oni given one chance to score..if not..ure out..
at first we keep winning then when we
vs roxane,huiyim,gim chen,shawn woo
n chia chern,we lost then they keep winning..
lol!our side was kinda frustrated bt in a joking
way..seriously hard to beat them..shawn woo keep
defending the ball n chia chern keep scoring..
hahas..then once when amirah was the goalkeeper,
when chia chern wanted to score,he hit amirah's
right knee twice!how ironic is tat??XD

after tat was MT,then recess..stayed in class
n wrote things on the whiteboard..
in ss period..somehow we were talking abt
miss carol to miss jumilia..then she said
"i wonder hw u guys would imitate me?" :)
then some ppl imitate mr tan cher chong..mrs
jackie chan n ESPECIALLY miss carol..lol!

after sch gt physics study hr then went to sectionals
coz gt audition..eoin auditioned the sec ones..
they were ok i guess..then i auditioned valerie
n weichyi..heheh..after tat, went to bs to practice
with ren hong,haohan,terence n omairah..thought gt audition
bt then it was late so terence didn't get to audition
me..wanted omairah to bt in the end..
no mood to audition so will do so tmr..T.T
then went back at abt 6 plus tgether with omairah,nad,
roxane,stephani,haohan n rh..

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