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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

gt chem remedial todae..until 11 plus..
quite a no. of ppl went..then brian n his fren
joined us..hahas..n finally!!i now know wads the
difference between a cation and an anion
n also between ionic and covalent bonding..
n this is the basics u noe!haiz2..well tmr is
another day of this remedial n it's kinda fun..
mdm yani is a lot funnier than her usual class.lol!
tat motivated me to study!heheh..ganbatte!!!
then at the the bus stop john asked us if
we wanna go lunch..-.-" stupid sia..nvm2..
shall get at him back somehow..wakakakaka!

then at 1pm me,nurul n amirah were supposed
to meet idris,zul n izzat at the bedok library bt
me n nurul were 1 hour late!!hahas..for various
reasons..we were planning to study together..
amirah would teach us poa while idris will teach
us maths.."it's a win-win situation" loL!
courtesy of 4e4! hahah..
then idris n izzat keep teasing me abt this
stupid thing larh..damn hilarious..then when studying
poa,we were talking abt prepaid expense..
then coincidentally..im the oni one using prepaid
among all of them..so idris said tat i was poor
n lives beside the dustbin near our table!!-.-"!!!!!!!
totally bad u noe!!haiz2..
n idris oso said this to nurul..[translated]
idris:eh just now i saw u somewhere..
idris:at the coffeshop eating!!*laugh3*
lyk hello!!fasting here!!no comments..
hahas..very hard to
study in a LIBRARY with them sehh..
we were very noisy larh..laugh here laugh there..
tsk..tsk..tsk.. also studying tgether tmr..
try not to study at the library plz..no freedom at all!

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