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Saturday, September 27, 2008


sori i havent been blogging much..
let's see..on monday..
during maths lesson..idris and miss sharifah
had a debate!lol!it's abt the difference
bet. dont put too much effort and
dont put effort in some of the maths exam q.
it was hilarious mannzz..
then!when we nid to do our wksheet..
i was framed!!lol..the boys larh..stupid sia..
keep teasing me abt this stupid thing..
then suddenly miss sharifah asked me to do the
wksht in frnt of herr!!!alersmak!paiseh u noe!tsk!

on tuesday..gt our f&n ca marks..ok larh..
not bad..hahahs..cme gt the principal talk..
one word..BORING!except the part where he asked
the students to go in frnt..

on thursday..geog n EL paper 1 exam..
dammit!!geog was damn hard cn!!shud have focused
on coast!coz forest the q. was lyk damn hard larh..
felt lyk crying when i c the qns.u noe!
coz i memorized n memorized n wad do i get????tsk!

on friday..had the easiest papers..EL paper2
and MT paper 1..i sat beside izzat during
the malay paper..then gt one time when his
paper fell off then i laughed at him..lol!
then he suddenly said "OOH!" (inside joke)
made me laugh then the invigilator glared at me..-.-"
luckily she nvr do anything..phew..
totally make me distracted the whole time..
luckily i still managed to finish in time..hahahs!
well tat's all for this wk..

oh ya..one more thing..

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