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Monday, September 08, 2008

lol!!guess who's feets r those..ahahas!
the grey slipper is nadiyah..the pink one is riqa while
the one wearing the school shoe is me!=D
hahas..after going for sectionals we went to
fareha's house..nadiyah n riqa is breaking their
fast there while i just go there for a while since nt allowed
to break fast anywhere else..T.T
so when i went home..nad n riqa sent me to the bus stop
n wore those slippers!look lyk japanese girls huh??
hahaha!they said they looked lyk lunatics..
then we took a pic of it to commemorate this day..-.-"
anw..i remembered a joke idris made during maths
lesson..ahahas..miss sharifah asked karthik to move
in frnt since he's noisy at the back..
then john helped karthik carry his table n
miss sharifah said tat karthik is weak!lol!then
idris called karthik mr softee chocolate flavour
with a cherry on top!!lmao!!DAMN FUNNY..
dunno if u get it anot..hahs..
n then at the end of the lesson idris made this funny
noise..then miss sharifah asked..
"who's phone is tat??"then we all were lyk huh??
lol!then she paiseh..........wakakaka!the sound
effect realli lyk a ringtone lyk tat..hahas!
haiz2..okok gtg!
shud study for EOY exams!!in 2-3 wks time??omigosh!
k ttfn!!^^

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