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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

todae is amirah's bdae!!lol!
happy bdae gurl!!!finally u r fifteen!!heheh..
n u gt ur laptop oredi rite??CHEERS!!
hope u lyk the present me n nurul bought u..^^

so during maths lesson..miss sharifah damn sarcastic
in a funny way..hahahs..
n in physics lesson..played peiyan's PSP the
whole lesson..-.-" haish..promised tat will
be the last tym i slack in class!! =S
bt then idris started throwing the acrylic
deco in our class..which gt tape behind then he
threw it especially at amirah..lol!and it STICKS!
XD n amirah doesn't noe abt it until i told her..
bt there was one orange acrylic tat she coudn't reach
then when she bend dwn to get the other acrylics,
the back half of the class all laughed!damn funny i tell u..
hahx!so..have studied geog oni~!!geez..shud
seriously speed up mann.. T.T

n once again..
hope u had fun todae..^^

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