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Thursday, October 09, 2008

realli happy today!!coz i actually managed
to do the maths paper!it was quite easy larh can!
lyk no tricky qns so much..heheh
poa1 paper..cannot balance!!!!!!!!!!!T.T
stupid trial balance..everytime cannot balance.. :p
very frustrating u noe..bt other than tat..
it was easy n i tink i did ok..^-^

after the exams..went to tm with
nurul,nad,amirah,fareh,arina n naqiyah..
we just went shopping n looking for items..
wanted to buy cd's bt cant decide!!coz there
was a sale n each cd oni cost $6.95..
how cheap is tat??in the end..oni bought a necklace..
gonna wear it everyday!n i seriously mean everyday..^^
nurul,naqi n amirah went home soon after
n we walked to the st. hilda's bus stop
coz nadiyah wanted to cut her hair at near
fareh's house there..
bt me n arina didn't follow..went home straightaway
coz goin to tm again with amirah later!!:)
met at 5 plus n went to buy some stuffs..had fun!!
lots of laughs!!when we walked into tm..
took the escalator frm the first floor..
was talking abt sum1 then suddenly the escalator
stopped!!-.-"!!!!!then nid to walk up..tsk
bought 2 cds.."13 going on 30" n "school of rock"
reached home at abt 7 plus..hahx

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