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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

experienced dragonboat todae..changed into our pe attire..
sat beside the canteen while waiting for the bus..
ate some "snacks" n was given the drink honeysuckle white tea..
bleah!XP totally not nice for me coz it tastes lyk green tea!!!HATE IT.. :P
when we reached there was given a short briefing then we separated..
10 ppl went to the small boat then 20 ppl went to the big boat..
i went to the small boat tgether with nurul,idris,john,izzat,jeff,
raikha,irda,amalina n hafsah.
at first i couldn't paddle properly bt john teached me to row the
paddle nearer to the boat..so thanks.. :)
it was fun bt tiring at the same time..n we must be coordinated
in order to let the boat move faster..interesting experience..
went under this bridge n went ashore..swam into the water!!!!!
bt frm mie grp oni me,idris,john n izzat went in..
the others didn't wan to get wet.. -.-" it was COOLING!!wish to
stay there 4 ever at tat pt. of time coz it was sunny..
discussed a stategy for the upcoming race n paddled back to where we
started..non-stop!!bt idris n john motivated us not to give up..
damn tiring n my hand was gettin numb..T.T
had a short race..the bigger boat won bt then they transfer
boys 1 boat girls 1 boat..n raced again..after everything..washed up..
took belongings..went into the bus..john was in front with
shawn woo..n he go n hang his socks at the railing above..-.-"!!
SMELLY!then he go n put perfume..worsening the situation!
coz i hate perfume makes me feel giddy..XP
had band meeting..formed our farewell party grp..
~me,amanda quek,riqa,hao han,chia chern,jesmond n kengyun~
waited for omairah at the canteen while she's havin a meeting
with nurul n amirah..bt we went home first coz it was late..
thanks for the cake just now..:)

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