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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

had motivational workshop at the av theatre..
combined with e2&e6..ok larh..bt the most fun part
was when idris told the story using as much items as possible
that they showed us earlier..
the most "famous" sentence..
"mas selamat found a banana,he peeled it n there was a hotdog.."
XD hahas..as funny as usual.had a mini carnival..
only took part in the artist station..draw,draw n draw
lyk there's no tmr..lol!-.-"
went back to class at 12..played this silly game bet.
me,amirah,idris n john where we have to
show this circle hand sign to the person
that we want to punch the arm on..bt to be fair..it must be
below the waist.n we must avoid looking at it
as much as possible..quite fun u noe..heheh..
when mr tan hl came to our class..asked him to
help us take a class photo..will upload it as soon as i
get it frm arina.. :D
~ciaoz ppl!!-.-" IM HIGHHIGH!~

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