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Monday, October 20, 2008

had our first day of post-exam activity.. had a motivation workshop in class together with coach elgin..
it was surprisingly fun..yeap! put all the tables at the back n only brought our
chairs in front..coach elgin played some "games" with us to catch some ppl to do forfit..
lol! 5 girls n 5 boys were caught..u cn c them in the video below..heheh..
bt it's horizontal though..^-^" then we had to change seats in any way..
diff chair..diff row..ended up sitting with izzat n amalina..
we talked abt leadership..here's some of wad i learnt..
lesson#1-->leadership is not abt title or positon!
lesson#2-->leadership is abt influence! to impact others n to persuade
in a positive n not negative way..
lesson#3-->to lead is also to serve others
lesson#4-->success depends on leadership :)
played this game called monkey see,monkey do.. had 2 zookeepers,chia chern n pan..heheh...
it's purposely one..^^ sat in a big circle then we had 3 monkey leaders who had to change our movement without the 2 zookeepers spotting them.. it was FUN!
n we sabo them until lyk wad..lol!

had a break at 9.50am..went to the g.o with arina to apply ointment on her mosquito bites..
played games in the atrium..was frm grp 1..
~me,nurul,hafsah,idris,john,sean lim,shawn woo,huiyim n gimchen~ first we had to solve this puzzle..then coach elgin gave us the wrong board!!so we ended up in 3rd place..
after tat..given 2 envelopes..1st to spot the difference bet. 2 pic..
2nd to make 15 four-letter word frm the word 'ratatouille' (did i spell it right?)
lastly..we need to make a 3-d motor bike, mechanical pencil with a moving led!with our body!
idris lied in the middle n asked sum1 to lie on him..-.-" all the girls run to the back..lol!
lastly..a F-16.. must make the sound-effect n we said "vroooom!!"
which is a motor bike sound..-_______- went back to class..sat in a circle..
discuss 1 scenario with our own grp..~me,amirah,pan,amalina,izzat,john n junjie~ share with the class..blah3..went to the bs for a while n went home..
short intro of video..each pair/trio must ACT CUTE!:3
1st pair~chia chern n shawn woo
2nd trio!~nurul,huiyim,joceline
3rd pair~izzat n junjie
4th pair~rabia n rafidah
5th pair~nicholas n sean lim

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