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Friday, October 17, 2008

had our last pe lesson yesterday..
sadds..T.T since we had ntn to do n not many
ppl were playing so we went to the atrium
to learn how to defend ourselves..-.-"
bt mr cho was damn funny..n there's one part
where mr cho asked us not to do this and that
so as the oppenent doesn't hit u in the head
then both john and mr cho did a headbutt!
their reaction was perfect timing!it was so hilarious!
mr cho act as if it was ntn n continued talking
bt john was in a lot of pain..XD
during ss..watch high school musical..
ok larh..bt i would prefer high school musical 2..
hahx!it was ok..some parts are funny bt we didn't get
to hear the songs coz miss jumilia's laptop
was spoiled..then we also nid to watch the movie
in slow motion..haiz.. ZzZ..
after school..went to jln raye..will blog abt it soon..
when i upload the pics.. :)

anw..here's the "comments" said by the teachers..
abt our results..lol!ntn to do..hahahs..
~mr tan cc~[POA]
"so overall..ur class gt 24 ppl who got distinction..
not bad..so far..ur class has the best results for sec 3 express. :)"
(me and nurul thought he was being sarcastic bt he wasn't..)
~mdm soraya~[F&N]
"u all did well for ur f&n exams bt the thing is ur
coursework brought down ur marks..so tat's y u must start
early and cannot procastinate(lol) so next yr we
are goin to work hard for o'lvls n im gonna help u.."
*note:next yr..two coursework!!XP
~mdm yani~[CHEM]
"class..i am not angry that many of u failed..bt i am
angry that u didn't put in effort..i know the paper was hard..
n majority of the sec3 failed this paper bt im sure
u cn still do those qns. that i have gone through b4 rite..?"
"3e4..i dun know whether u r paying attention or not
if u just sit down there and keep quiet n nvr respond..
how do you expect me to help u?"
~miss jumilia~[SS&GEOG]
"guys..i am willing to make the effort if u do..
bt if u are not interested in studying then there's ntn i can do"
~miss carol~[EL]
"class..all of u passed ur english..
and i guess u r better then my e1.. :)"
~miss jackie chan~[PHYSICS]
"majority of the boys passed physics..bt girls..that doesn't
mean that u cannot pass right?im not biased..im a lady n yet
im scolding the girls..u told me that miss yeo wasn't
good enough...so here i am..bt u still talk talk talk
and nvr pay attention during my lesson..
so this is what u get larh..it shows in your result.."
exam qn. :what does friction do to the force...(i think)
"i dun know whether to laugh or cry when i see ur ans.
u noe..the answer is friction slows down motion..
bt yet ppl cn still write wear and tear..(LOL!)
u guys are still caught up in ur pri sch work"
~miss sharifah~[MATHS]
"eh u guys arh..hw come u cannot pass ur maths?
we've gt 100%passes frm e1 n e3..n u guys only gt
50% passes..only 20 ppl passed.just lyk mid-year..
wahh..very good arh..consistency..and u have the
same standard as e5 and e6..e6 improved..frm 9 passes to 14
maybe we shud have sumthinin bet. e3 and e4??
name:e three-quarter -.-" "
during going through the paper..
*asked us to spot our common mistake for this certain qn.
all of us answered quickly.."DIFFERENT BASE"
"wahh..say it again2.."
"ohh!different base!u noe than u still make that stupid mistake?
o.0 ehh this is YOUR mistake u noe..u cn answer me n yet u
cannot apply it..ehh i tink arh..if gt maths oral u all
confirm get distinction..wads the formula for compund interest?
P(1+R/100) how to expand (a-b)2? (a+b)(a-b)"
damn sarcastic u noe!!!!!!!!!!pfft!

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