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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

here are the pics we took at mie hse.. :) y is mie face blurrr??=p
me and arina :)

lol!!nurul n her crazy moments..XD
besties 4ever!! ME NURUL NAQI N ARINA:)
had physics paper todae..
actually studied until 3am!!lol..actually wanted
to study last nite..bt accidentally slept until 12.30 am!!
when i woke up..i panicked lyk hell larh!!
coz i nvr study for physics at all!>.<
bt then rite..when i realli actually studied
for it..i found out tat physics is actually an
easy subject!!totally regret not studying for it
fully n keep failing mie tests..pffft!
during the exam..mr raj invigilated our class..
when he came in..all of us were lyk..haiz....... :p
so abt the paper..ok larh..not bad..
cant say easy..cant say hard.. :)
at least its beta than chemistry!!which is sooooo
killing mie brain cells when doin the paper!tsk..
bt i lost 1 ridiculous mark by not having a protractor!
dang it!tat mark..may be my passing mark sehh..
lol!k nvm abt tat..
so after sch..went to check our poa marks again since
arina havent checked hers..mr tan oso oredi
marked 3a1's paper..n once again..guess wad??????
their highest score is full marks!!!n the person is frica!!
me nurul arina n amirah was lyk wad the hell!!
we thought tat nobody could beat our highest score..
this is so unexpected!bt nvm..their paper is obviously easier..
coz their paper is shorter than ours..n they're
in the academic stream..totally different paper.. :p
then after sch..amirah went home early..
she was totally upset abt sumthin..
haiz..hope u will feel beta soon!!n i noe it's unfair bt..
i noe u cn do it!!ganbatte!!amirah-chan!^^
so the rest of us went to mie hse..had
tons of fun!!!especially with nurul!!laughed a lot!XD
thanks gurl..lol!lalalalallalalalalalalalla~
lazy to blog abt it..
nid to study for maths n POA!!ok..most likely poa..
bt still..hahahs..shall focus more on poa coz
its one of the subs i cn score on.. :)

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