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Saturday, October 25, 2008

im tired!!!!well,im sure everybody in the band is feeling the same wayy..
had marching todae.ok larh..not bad..
n our marching standard was higher than expected..hehe!!
i dunno abt u bt i tink most credits goes to jyngle!
she realli helped n motivated us with our marching..
n thanks for the advise on wad course to take
in poly..lol! :)
ok rite now..i would just lyk to sayy..
for my REPEATING(let me emphasize on tat) mistake
during the video..especially the last one!where
i was the last to put dwn my instrument
n it was lyk so damn obvious larh cn!!coz i was in the frnt row..
so once again..im sorry!x1000
had to memorize silver gazebo n keep forgetting
the transition part when it's soo important as trum
were the oni ones playing the melody i tink..
during the section drills we nvr even do anything..
just chatted with each other..abt twilight,sing to the dawn etc.
lol!very random rite??during one of the breaks,me
n amirah lied dwn on the bs floor..COOLING.. :)
we became crazy!n took some pics..-.-"
lazy to upload larh..i will upload all the pics in one post later on!
n in the atrium damn funny..when we were marching
towards the fountain,the bird flew away..i
almost burst out laughing!XD n weiyi did tat sound effect
with her instrument..lol!so funny n cute!
n when we're packing up..a rumour started..of course it's not true!
n only keith,terence n weichyi knew the truth at tat time..hee..
a lot of ppl watched the vid of us marching n they
laughed at my mistake!lol!i have to agree..it was kinda
funny..XD haiz..after tat,straightaway went home
with amirah,nad n riqa.. :D

im having an atrocious headeache rite now!!
feel lyk vomiting n my troat hurts alot!dunno y im
feeling this wayy..it's taking me lyk 30 mins just posting this post
coz i have to pause once in a while..T.T bye......... XP

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