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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jalan raye on sunday!!
~me,nurul,amirah,izzat,arina,sufian,dian,rafidah n yuyu~
omigosh!me,arina,nurul n amirah r lyk angels!sitting below the light..guarded by 2 bodyguards..lol!

aahhh!!my hair suck..XP

WOW!cool pose huh??lol!

izzat's on candid camera!:P

at aidil's house..(revalina)
had lots of laughs todae..laughing with my frenz..
my frenz laughing at me..well i dun wanna mention
names....(izzat n sufian) >:p
we only went to 4 houses todae..lol!tat's
bcoz after goin to arina's house..we went to revalina's house.
at jurong west!so took mrt at pasir ris..
n guess wad?we had a one hour journey frm here
to there..it's lyk goin frm one end of singapore to
the other end u noe..hahahs..at the mrt..sat exactly opp izzat..
firstly..gt this indian guy sat beside me..
then suddenly!gt another indian guy stood rite in
front of me!center parting..curly hair..izzat n sufian
laugh3..u tink funny isit??:P
wlao..tat's where the teasing starts..tsk!
reached revalina's hse at 6 plus..talk3..eat3..hear them sing3..
took pics..at the lift..asked izzat n sufian to squeeze in..
when sufian wanted to enter..izzat said..*teeeeeedd!*
lyk when the lift will overload..suddenly realli happen
sia!!so hilarious!then the beeping nvr stop..so
i oso went out..had a great chat with them..very funny..
went to rafidah's hse..then walked through
the bedok town park..at nite!!!!to reach the bus stop opp
the condominium..at his hse..ate mee rebus..
went home at 11 plus..n izzat sent me,amirah n sufian to the bus stop..

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