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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jalan raye on thursday!!:)
amalina's catwalk pose..lol!
at the lift.. :)
taking a pic on the road???0.O

to summarize it all..i had a lot of fun..-.-"duhh!!lol
we only went to some ppl's house..
1st reason-no time
2nd reason-parents not at home,busy etc..
we also went to mdm soraya n mdm yani's house..
the most fun house was mdm yani's house..coz we karaoke-ed
at her hse..it was fun n enjoyable..i took a vid of it bt lazy to upload larhh :p
last house was arina's house bt oni me,amirah n nurul were left
coz it was damn late!!!!!hahahs..went home at 1 plus!XP
bt arina's mother sent us home..heheh..so thanks..^^
at home..sat in frnt of the fan..bathed..changed..SLEEP!zzZZZz..

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