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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

okayy..shall post abt last few dayys..heheh..
went to study poa with nadiyah,riqa n aniq..heheh..
at first we went to mac cafe at tm..
tried the wasabi fries..so not spicy!!:p
bt it was ok larh..actually wanted to study poa
bt slacked a lot!!coz i was helping nadiyah with her art..
loL!all of us was lyk giving her ideas for her coursework..
n encouraging her to actually finish her coursework!
coz she's planning to do halfway oni..haish..-.-"
after a while..we went to study at the void deck
at i dunno where larh..coz we were chased out of the mac!-.-"
then at the void deck was so stressed up abt poa!
dunno y bt my mind went blank abt everything!
n then i keep asking them lyk the most obvious
qns u cn tink of..l.o.l!
nadiyah was irritated..hahahs..so aniq ended up
teaching me..n i understood!yay me!XD
bt he took lyk..4 hours to finish ONE colour scheme!lol

in the morning..was studying f&n at the atrium..
then suddenly mr tan came to us..
n guess wad??he told us tat he oredi marked our
exam paper!n we cn check our marks at outside
his pigeon hole..yeah mann!!
one thing abt mr tan cc..he is so efficient!!lol!
*oni in marking exams n test papers quick..*ahahah
so i asked john to tell the class to check their marks
later..at his pigeon hole..then dunno hu said..
"huh??at his hole??"tsk..tsk..tsk..
totally tink too much..-.-"
so after sch..checked mie marks..got 44.5/60!
not bad arh!lol!my studies paid off on sunday.. :)
was satisfied with mie marks bt still nid to
work on poa1..^-^ n our highest scorer is....
huiyim!59/60..its to be expected..she's totally gd in poa larh..
everybody..applause plz..applause.. *clapps!*
k nid to study for physics now!!or..maybe later
at nite..^-^"


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