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Friday, October 10, 2008

riqa n nadiyah text-ed me..
n said tat they wanted to go mie hse for jln raye..
lol!!they arrived at 9 plus lyk tat..
they all looked s0 pretty n handsome!
lol!heheh..so..served them drinks..
awkward much!!hahahs..then mie mother
asked them if they all sec 3 then
aniq said tat he's actually sec2 bt he's sooo clever
until he skipped 1 lvl then go sec3..
then mie mother go n believe!!!!!n she was awestruck!!!
haiz..no comments..then we all keep laughing
n laughing at their CRAPS..lol!
nadiyah asked me if we shud tell mie mother
the truth bt i said no..HAHAHAHAHAH..
lets just let her be awestruck alrite..^-^
thanks guyys..u made mie dayy!! :)

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