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Thursday, October 02, 2008

in the morning we had to go to class..
then dian rafidah rabia n yuyu bought kuihs!!
lol!nice mannnzxz...hahahs..
so gt pe todae..u noe..ive realized somethin..
every wk without fail..i lyk to bog abt our
pe lessons..y??bcoz it's fun!duhh..hahahs..okok
first up..we went down late n every other class
oredi took the spots for their pe games..
T.T then mr cho asked me to ask the class wad they
wanna play n go collect the equipment..
haiz2..so went to the pe store with mr cho then
john suddenly come..many ppl wanted to play badminton
bt then it turned out oni gt one shuttlecock left!
coz mr ng's class go n take them all..=p
so we go n take the captain's ball's ball..lol!
then we searched the whole pe rm for the soccer ball bt all
of them was flat!tsk..so finally mr cho returned frm i dunno
where then he showed john how to pump the ball
which is lyk so obvious!just go press the thing cn oredi..
then me n john was lyk -.-" lol!
so we played captain's ball against the sec 1e1..
1st team was ok bt the 2nd one...no comments..
let's just say we kept on scoring..heheh

then the rest of the day we had free period to revise..
bt couldn't bring myself to do tat..cn oni study at home..
more peaceful..lol! we talked n talked with
nurul,naqi,hafsah n raikha..then pan showed me her
photo when she was little..damn cute cn??!!XD
bt our last period,POA, mr tan went through some qns
n after sch went straight home!heheh

miss u lots n hope u cn come to band soon..heheh
even though u said u were shy..lol!

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