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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

beware!this is gonna be a long post..heheh
tuesday..gt most of our papers back..
first up..malay paper..we combined with e5 n e6
since our ml lesson was the same..
n phew..i actually passed!!yay me!
its soo hard for me to pass malay coz im beta at eng..^^
after recess was poa..was satisfied with mie results..
got 71 for overall..was aiming for a1 bt nvm larh..
next up..f&n!hahahs!got 70 for overall..
not bad arh.. :) then since we gt 2 free periods..
we begged mdm soraya to show us our overall
results..cool or wad??hehe..its confidential.sshhh..
chem..oni a FEW ppl passed..n just passed at tat!
most ppl gt 20+/85..haiz..ss??dun wanna talk abt it!:p
cme was..boring!!oni gt principal talk n c prize presentation..
wlao..do they realli have to take picture of everybody
who come up on stage?????? ZZZzzz....

today..during ml lesson we went to com lab..
then something unexpected happened..awwww...
so shweet...... :3
geog..just passed..bt still didn't help me pass mie humans!
stupid ss!!argh..n for english..everybody passed!!!!!
all of us were lyk damn hyper larh..quite a handful
gt distinction..n many ppl gt 60+..heheh..
here's a conversation with amirah and izzat..
amirah:heyy let's ask izzat how much he gt
coz we always challenge each other with our eng marks..
izzat:*turned* what?
me:how much u get?
amirah:argh!he gt two more mark then me
me:ceh!!!!*to izzat*
izzat and karthik:ooh!!(inside joke)
me:-.-" wad sia..just because u gt 67 :p!
izzat and karthik:*laughs*

tsk..so proud of himself u noe..hmph!
anw,not bad arh..our class's eng..heheh..thanks
to miss carol i guess..for the first time..i passed
mie summary n gt full marks for content!
so unexpected coz it was soo hard..hahx!
then it was maths..when we gt back our results..
our class suddenly became quiet..it was so weird..
during eng..everyone was so noisy n then suddenly
the mood was changed..haiz..
last bt not least..physics..didn't pass..tat's for sure..
nid to work on mie combined science..T.T
here's another conversation with john and amirah..
i dun really rmb wad we said bt this is a rough idea..
note:this is a bit disgusting..XP
me,john and amirah:*were talking abt hair*..lol!very random..
john:hey u know the herbal essences ad?do u noe it makes ur hair straight?

amirah:y u use arh?
john:i got wear the shampoo tat's y mie hair straight and i use
it down there(lol!) then suddenly it become straight..
me and amirah:eewww!!!
me:disgusting sia..
amirah:must u tell us abt tat in detail?
john:haha!but its true..it was really straight..
amirah:*told me*lol!then it's lyk the 2 balls is the eyes
then the long thing is the nose and the straight hair is the hair!*Laughs*
me:-.-" *laughs*

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