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Friday, October 10, 2008

YEAH!!exams are finally oveerr!!=D
our final paper is combined science..
ok larh..i finished doing the paper in 30 mins!
which is half the exam time..lol!heheh..
so checked the paper 1 last time n went to sleep.^-^"
after mr tan collected the papers..he still had time
to tell us abt post-exams activities n asking us
to hand in our edusave forms by tues..-.-
the boys SCREAMED when we're dismissed..lol!

after school..had no plans at all!!
so we stayed at the canteen for a while..
for i dunno what reason..
when we walked out of the school..saw john
sitting at outside the fence at the walkway there..
asked him whether he's alright coz he was kinda feeling
unwell during the exam until mr tan hl
accompanied him to the toilet..
walked out of school together with idris n zul also..
then john told us tat he ate raw eggs!!for the exams..
wanted to c if his stomach is strong enough..
n to train for army or sumthin lyk tat..-.-"
effects??gt gastric pain n feels weak..haiz..tsk..
hanged out with fareh,nurul,amirah,arina n naqi..
then went home!!:)

get well soon john!!^^

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