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Thursday, October 23, 2008

yoyo ppl!!-.-"

everybody's saying todae is the last day of sch..
bt not for the sec3s..we still have extended program..heheh..
im not sad or sian..as a matter of fact..im looking forward to it!
wanna c mie classmates again!n study realli hard..0.o
todae was quite fun!played monopoly with some ppl
until 9.10am then went to ml lesson..
after the break..we started our UYHC..VERY FUNN!!:D
izzat was the leader for his grp of cleaning up the chairs..
then he keep ordering us around!lyk WTH..hahahs..
cleaned some tables with karthik n amirah..lol!
cant seem to clean it alone u c..^-^"
after cleaning abt 4-5 tables..played with the cloth
with izzat n amirah..became CRAZY!!go n run n run ard the
class.:D then when cleaning the chair beside idris,he
scrubbed soo hard until the water splashed
on my hand n uniform..-.-"!!!!!my skirt oso kena seyy!now my skirt
gt a lot of grey spots..tsk!n while cleaning..me,amirah,
idris,izzat n john still had time to play tat game..ntn
better to do..:p very hard to trick them seyy..n im
lyk the easiest one to be tricked T.T after finished cleaning,
gt back our report books..dun even wan to mention abt it :p
here's our top 10 class position..*drum roll..*
1st-yeh gee!
6th-ding jie!
7th-naqi n dian!
10th-robin n xunjia!
fyi..our 1st in class is also 1st among the whole sec 3 lvl!
YEAH!3E4 RAWKS!! \m/(^~^)\m/

then somebody wrote on the whiteboard "3e4 sucks"
nicholas said,"yeah!3e4 sucks!"
the class,"huh??y??"
nicholas,"coz we going sec 4 oredi wad..so 3e4 suckx n 4e4 rawks!"hee..
hmmm..had class gathering after sch..went down the staircase
with riqa,dee n chiachern after taking the biscuits in 3e5's class..
ate pizza,chicken wing,fried potato etc..mmm..
yummy,yummy in my tummy!!lol!also ate the cake
amirah baked for us..NICE!!especially the frosting.. :D
a msg to aniq,dun nid to haolian abt ur poa n results!i will beat u nxt yr!:p
lol!lyk real arh..hahahs..john took the leftover 4 pizzas n left
sean lim with ntn..tsktsktsk..so bad!!:p
took some pics with mdm dini n hanged out at the bus stop..-.-"
went home after tat..~~~

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