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Friday, November 21, 2008


band prac whole dayy then performance..
my leg was aching lyk hell can!!coz the trumpet
section nid to stand up..-.-" was damn tired..
sumthin hilarious happened in the toilet!xD
oni me,weiyi,zoey,regine n asyikin noe abt this..
totally funny!couldn't stop laughing until we're nt sleepy
anymore!hahahs..at nite..i accidentally touched weiyi's
whole body when i was asleep..n then i said "AH!!" xD
then i suddenly laugh!lol!i dunno wad happened to me sia..
must be sumthin i was dreaming abt..xD

in the morning..the thing abt me touching weiyi's body
spreaded realli fast!hahahs..keep laughing at myself
just thinking abt it!even now..when im blogging abt this
im laughing lyk a mad woman in frnt of the computer screen..xD
lol!okay!moving on..had band prac until 5 plus..didn't bath..
quickly changed n rehearsed with my grp..bt riqa
wasn't with us coz she fell sick n went home..T.T
GET WELL SOON!!:D okay..im sure by now ur okay oredi..-.-
practiced n practiced until lyk siao u noe!everybody was sweating
even b4 we performed!went up n down frm the 4th floor to the
1st floor umpteen times!just to drink water bt then by the time
we went up..went thirsty again!!-.-"chia chern's leg bleed when he was
practising the chair dance..everyone kinda panicked..
me n amanda followed him to the toilet to wash off the blood..xP
when performing..our grp messed up big time!!until
we need to do it twice!hahahs..then gt this last part..which is called
the mask dance..chia chern led the dance..then when he forgot
the dance steps he suddenly walked ard n then the whole
grp followed!damn funny sia..hahahs..after tat..we run3 ard
taking our clothes n off to the dnt toilet..the girls went to
bath while the guys waited for us outside..then..quickly ran to
av theatre coz we nid to do the speech!!hmmm..blah3..

[Night walk]
went into grps of five..
b4 we went for the walk the leaders go n tell us ghost
stories..blah3..okay then!the best scare award goes to....
*drum roll!* naufal n muzakkir!!coz rite..at first we saw muzakkir..
with the white mask..frm my grp one..so we thought..
yeah wateva.quite scary larh..then suddenly naufal jumped out beside
me!!he shouted until lyk damn scary larh..the whole
grp screamed until lyk wad..xD very long sia we scream..lol!
we oso kinda"scold" them for being so scary lyk tat..hahahs..
i was the damn sway one..coz i was alwaes at the frnt n the side..
first i kena the mop!then naufal!then grace touched my leg!then the
ex saxophone guy..lol!haish..

cleaned up the toilet n our rm..played games..put tons of songs
in our file..then off i went to sleep!!hahahs..nice man..
bt then kena disturbed by erwin n reng hong.. :p!!
totally bad u noe!then herda told me sumthin..
so honored larh..coz i was the first one to noe abt it.. ^^
hahahs..okay..we sang happy bdae song to chelsea
n i said.."okay chelsea..u r invited to stand up n take ur
present!" bt then i still sit dwn..so bad!tsk3..
so then our grp had the most points..~~~
then amirah gave me false hope!!!!!!!!she said tat he was otw
to sch by the corridor there bt it turns out to br a diff person..-.-"!
lol!actually ioso thought tat it was him..^^"
after tat..straightaway went home n slept the whole dayy!!!!ZZZzzz...


hope u lyk ur pressie!heheh..^^

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