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Monday, November 10, 2008

gt band todae..frm 9.15 to 1pm..
had sectionals then combine band..
after tat..nadiyah,riqa,fareh n amalina
followed me home to take achievers t-shirt
coz nadiyah nid it for her grp..then off we went
to petal garden!!nadiyah n fareh went to their
grp at the stage while me n riqa went to beside the
street soccer area n saw there amanda..
waited for them to finish playing
soccer.. -.-" in the meantime..helped chia chern,
haohan n jesmond buy their food at mac..
at 2.30 lyk tat..finished playing..waited for them to finish
their food..n discussed some things..haiz..
all our meetins was for ntn seyy.. T.T
dun wanna elaborate abt it larh..siannzz.. ZZZzz..
after tat..went home with they all.. :)

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