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Sunday, November 16, 2008

guess wad??im in the bus n im blogging!
using my telephatic powers..lol!no larh..
using amirah's laptop..-.-" u c??
totally darn lame u noe!!tsk..ok..so todae..
went to amirah's hse to search for dance vids
for my grp..then went to search for haohan n jessy at
plaza sing..veh hard to find them seyy!first they at john little..
den at the basement..den KFC!haiz.........
so.finally found them at kfc..ate shrooms burger meal..
mmmm... :p soon after..erwin came..den off we go
to mustafa centre!to find mask..bt den the mask lyk nt
suitable leh..so we walked to the nearest bus stop..
planing to go to bras basah..bt cannot take any bus dere..
haohan asked the bus driver hw to go to bras basah..
veh funny sia he!!blur2 oso..shall nt elaborate..xD
we walk3..den we fed up oredi so decided to take
taxi to go bugis junction..5 ppl have to fit in 1 taxi!
finally reached bras basah n managed to find the masks!
phew..^^ we went our separate wayys after dat..
n now im currently at red light district..n dere's a couple
snogging diagonally opposite of us..-.-"
lyk seriously..GET A ROOM!the hotel's across
the street mann..dang it!people nowadayys..
okay!tat's it for now..hahahs..buh bye!wave* -.-

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