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Friday, November 14, 2008

todae gt band..wahh..im veh veh tired seyy..
in the morning had combined band den sectionals..
during lunch..didn't go eat coz i was rehearsing
with my grp..den they buy the food for us
when the time was up so we were given extra time to eat..
went back to our sectionals rm with chia chern..
den we rehearsed our sock hop gimmicks..
damn confusing lehh..had combined again
den sectionals..we totally slack seyy..lol!!
coz every1 was damn tired n we didn't feel
lyk playin..hahahs..
after band me,nadiyah,fareh n amalina
went to eat at the malay shop then amalina went home
bt the rest of us went to the reservoir at the platform
dere..it was veh veh windy!!hahahs..n the mon
was lyk totally BIG n reddish orange..
cool scene!!will nvr forget it..we were totally crazy
n hanged out until 10 plus..hehe..

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