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Thursday, November 06, 2008

todae..2nd last dayy of the extended prog..T.T
gonna miss mie classmates mannxzx!!:(
will miss ms jackie chan..coz she wont be
teaching us next yr!!sadss seyy..sob..sob..
bt mr sng will be taking over her..hehe..
during maths lesson..i actually understood
n knew hw to do mie work confidently..^-^v

after sch,planned to go to petal garden to discuss..
made amanda,chia chern n pan wait for me..soreee!!!:S
walked out of sch with amanda,chia chern,
sophia n kengyun n met hao han at the bus stop..
we went to petal garden after tat..had lots of laughs..xD
funny sia they all..haohan n amanda they all went to mac
to buy food..except for me n chia chern..wahh..
very long to wait for them to finish eatin u noe..
after their fries i tot we cn start oredi then still gt ice cream!!-.-"
soon after,discussed3..abt wad we're gonna do for the video..
hahahs..blah3..BEGGED riqa to come coz she
wanna back out last min!!tsk!hahahas..
when she reached,we practiced n were dismissed
at 2.30pm..hanged out with my fwens until
3 plus n went home sweet home!!:D

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