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Monday, December 01, 2008

todayy is suchh a bozorific dayy!!xD
u will noe abt it when u read this post..hahahs..
okayy..todae..went to watch "wild child"
at orchard cineleisure with nurul n amirah..
heee..met them at bedok inter n took the mrt..
after we switched to the city hall mrt..
i almost wanted to go off at dhoby ghaut..^^"
well i was talking to nurul n didn't noe wad i was tinking!tsk..
then we were supposed to alight at somerset
which is the nxt stop..actually me n nurul didn't
noe then amirah went out of the mrt n me n
nurul was lyk "wad??is she kidding us??"
coz she's the PRANKSTER of the grp..hahahs..
then after amirah turned back n signalled us
to go out then we quickly ran out of the mrt..
lol!paisehpaiseh!totally loserific!hahahs..
then we bought the tickets at the basement
n amirah had to pay $7.50 coz she didnt bring
her ez-link card!muahahaha!totally bad..heee..
then we hav to go to th 4th floor...tsk!veh troublesome
u noe!then for the FIRST time i wanted to buy
nachos n they said.."sorry..we are out of nachos
at this moment.." PFFT! oh woopie!!lucky me :p
then we rushed to the movie theatre coz we were late..

the movie was funny n nice!hahahs.."who are we??"
lol!u'll noe when u watch the movie!^^ okayy..then
when we walked n walked..we stopped for a veh long time
where there was this flat screen tv hanging on the wall
just to c zac efron at mtv trl..lol!(actually oni i wanted to c)^^"
soon after..otw to the escalator..amirah accidentally headed for
the one dat goes up when we wanted to come dwn!xD
n the funny thing is nurul followed her!hahahs..
the uncle in frnt of them gave a priceless expression!
lyk wad the hell r this gurls doin??hahahs..
k then outside when we wanted to cross the traffic light..
halfwayy amirah told us tat we were goin the wrong
wayy!!so halfway across the traffic light we walked back!
argh!soo paiseh u noe..T.T hahahs..n u noe..there's
a lot of cute american guyys in orchard!hahahs..okayokay..
after dat we went to tm to buy sushi at ramen ten.
n i went to amirah's hse..when we reached the bus stop..
at the traffic light i rested my back at the fence..
then amirah told me there's a "wet paint" sign on it!
of course i panicked larh..0.o luckily it has oredi dried!
n the person beside us was lyk smiling n laughing at me..-.-"
once again..a bozo moment..haiz.. lol.then nw im at
amirah's hse eatin campbells soup while
watchin F.R.I.E.N.D.S..one word..HILARIOUS!hehe
wow!is this a long post or wad??? k bye!!*wave

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